About Black House Comics

Black House Comics is an Australian publisher specialising in comic books and graphic novels.

A division of Jeffries Printing Services, Black House was launched to provide a quality press for Australian comic artists and writers.

Our ambition is for our comics creators to tell stories that appeal to audiences around the world and to do so in a commercially sustainable way.

Headed by publisher Baden Kirgan, the company launched a preview of its first book, The Twilight Age, at Supanova Sydney in 2008.

Since then, the company has launched another 10 titles including its signature title The Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes, a gothic but faithful interpretation of the world's greatest detective.

This book is one of only two comics titles (along with some editions of The Phantom) created, printed and distributed through Australian newsagents.

 In 2011, Baden appeared as a guest judge in a comics challenge on the Aussie version of the television reality show Beauty and the Geek. Black House's reputation continued to grow when one of its titles – The Soldier Legacy – was used in a Youi Insurance advertising campaign, which also featured all the other Black House books in the background.

2012 promises to be an exciting year with 38 comic books and graphic novels in the Black House Comics catalogue, which are available online through its Black Boox distribution arm and comic book stores.