After the World Submissions

Black House Comics is now accepting submissions for the prose anthology, After the World.

After the World features short stories in the horror, sci fi and speculative fiction genres and is distributed throughout Australian newsagents and online via

We are looking for stories between 1,000 and 5,000 words, although stories up to 10,000 words may be accepted. At the moment we are particularly keen on strong sci-fi stories.

Each issue of After the World features a story set in our After the World shared zombie universe. These stories are normally around 28,000 words in length and applications for upcoming slots are welcome. Please be aware, however, that we generally allocate these jobs to writers we have worked with before. Please also be aware that it is a guided universe and you will be asked to include specific plot points in any story idea you submit.

A modest payment is offered for all stories but terms will only be discussed with authors whose works we would like to print.

Stories can be in any style or mine any part of the horror, sci fi or speculative genres. Fantasy is not accepted at this time - although talk to us if you have any romance stories as we might have a different project for you.

Strong language is acceptable if written well.

At Black House Comics we love women and children and have no desire to read or publish stories which do not. Stories containing explicit sex or rape themes will not be accepted.

Although no quota applies, female writers are strongly encouraged to submit stories. At this stage we are only accepting stories from Australian writers. All payments are made in Australian dollars.

All submissions should be made to the editor at and include:

  • Your name and contact details;
  • Any pertinent CV stuff - let us know if you have an Oscar (don't laugh);
  • What genre your story fits into - or doesn't;
  • How long it is;
  • A short synopsis - please no more than 50 words. An example would be A mining ship discovers a strange alien who impregnates the crew with its parasitic young. It is up to one woman to stop the alien reaching earth;
  • A copy of your story in a Word document. We are not fussy on formatting but standard formatting should apply. Stories with no name or address on the title page will not be read. Or it might be read but we won't know who wrote them and it will be a shame.


Submissions of artwork for internal B&W illustrations are welcome as well, although at this stage no payment can be offered for them, besides love - a distant, over the email type of love.. let's call it a like then. Our covers are commissioned and our artist is paid though so please don't think that we are cheap - it is just that we don't have the budget for any more at the moment.